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User Login History

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User Login History

Hello everyone

I currently use Dataiku version 6.0.4 and I would like to know if there is any type of element or configuration that tells me how many users log into the application in the day and if I can check the history of how many users logged into Dataiku DSS in the month.

Stay tuned

Thanks a lot

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OK, I just found a problem that one needs to take into account, related to the schema detection after setting the parser options, because the audit file, as json, is semi-structured.

When creating one of the snapshots I attached, I reloaded the "preview data" and this happened:


This happened because the audit.log file used for the preview did have some messages (keys) that previously were not detected in a different audit file.

So, one needs to be careful when setting the schema... I guess.

Do you have any idea or recommendation for this kind of situation @sergeyd ?


P.D.: Maybe I should create a new thread for this topic? I feel like we are taking over (and going further than) what was asked in the first place by @Carl7189 


Up to now it seems like we are mostly on track with the original question.

However, if we are going to get off onto a discussion of maintaining schema and managing connections maybe we should start a new thread.  (Maybe put a link in this thread to that new thread in case folks want to follow.)



Hi all,

If you are a paying customer wanting to monitor user and project activity, please contact your Customer Success Manager. They will be able to provide a solution for this need.

Thank you.

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