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Use ImpalaExecutor in Python Public API

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Use ImpalaExecutor in Python Public API


 we are using ImpalaExecutor object from dataiku.core.sql to show a table definition. Code like this runs nicely and runs in MUS environment under the user running the python recipe:

from dataiku.core.sql import ImpalaExecutor
df=imp.query_to_df("show create table....")

The question is if it is possible to run this from other DSS or from an API node, using the public API, connection to the DSS instance.

So for example:

url = client.get_variables().get('prod_dss_url')
api_key = client.get_variables().get('prod_dss_api_key')
remote_client = dataikuapi.DSSClient(url, api_key)
? imp = create ImpalaExecutor using the remote_client ?
df=imp.query_to_df("show create table....")

Which would return the DDL from the remote DSS.

Thanks for the help/hint



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I was blind. The solution:

remote_client.sql_query(query="show create table ..... " + hive_table , database=mydb, type = "impala")


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