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Transform the table with min and max

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Transform the table with min and max

Hi everyoone,

I am trying to convert the below table 1 to table 2. how can i transform using a prepare recipe. 

Table 1:



Table 2:

sensor nameminmax
sensor 10.51.1
sensor 26794
sensor 316541987
sensor 4234567
sensor 556.9889.74
sensor 6-1481234


which will be the best way to do this. ?



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Hi @sasidharp 

You will need to recipes to compute this. The first will be a prepare recipe that uses the Fold multiple columns processor, play with it, should be straightforward.

The next recipe will be a group recipe that computes the min and max as you want them.

Hope this helps!

Hi @sasidharp! I took @Liev  suggestions and created a project showing the process. Most probably it was not needed, but it might help new users in the future.


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