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Sort Recipe is useless

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Sort Recipe is useless

I'm trying to apply the Sort recipe to a dataset with ~18M rows and 134 columns. The input and output datasets are in a database and the recipe is supposed to run in-database (SQL).  I tried different columns to sort by: date, integer, string. I'm always getting this warning message

Warnings were encountered

    Output dataset is not compatible with order preservation
    The output dataset type does not support order preservation, it seems that the sort recipe will be useless. More information available in the doc.

I didn't find anything relevant in the documentation.


Please, help.

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Hi @davidmakovoz, in what kind of dataset are you storing the output? There are some hints at, and if your output dataset doesn't preserve order writing, you get this message, becase the problem is not the Recipe nor DSS, but the database that is getting the output.

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