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Postgre SQL connection and schema detection

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Postgre SQL connection and schema detection


I create a new SQL connection with my external Postgre Database. Meanwhile, DSS doesn't manage to detect schemas in the database when importing a table.

Since I have different tables under different schemas but with the same name, it is problematic to import the correct one. The only solution I found is to enter the table name manually and the schema name manually

Is there a way to import several tables under the correct schema without doing it one by one ?

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Hi @vmar

Not sure if my experience will be helpful or not as I use a different platform (Netezza).  In any case, I also needed to deal with a database with multiple schemas. My approach was to set up a different DSS connection for each schema. To do this, I included a SET SCHEMA XYZ statement in the Post Connect Commands box in the connection definition screen. (There is a schema field in connection settings. I tried this but it didn't work at least in terms of how I wanted the connection to work.) The only tricky (and odd) part is that I then needed to make sure table names under this connection were all upper case (DSS by default populates table names as lower case).  I've been using these connections for several months now and haven't run into any other issues.


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