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Is there an alternative to MapQuest tiles?

Is there an alternative to MapQuest tiles?
I was following a tutorial on Drawing the San Francisco Crime Map, and the output for the web app is displaying that MapQuest discontinued direct tile access. Is there an alternative already in place for this?
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Yes, Mapbox should work, and should be the default in a soon to be released new version of DSS.

You can also register an API key on Mapquest and use this template:

in the html tab of the webapp:

<script src=""></script>

in the JS tab:

// instead of
//var map = ...
// (...)
// use:

var map ='map', {
layers: MQ.mapLayer(),
center: [ 42, 2 ],
zoom: 13,
opacity: 0.5


Thank you! It worked perfectly 🙂
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