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Export recipe to local windows folders

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Export recipe to local windows folders

Hi there,

I am working with DSS on my local machine with the Windows Subsystem for Linux (Ubuntu). Is it possible to automate the import & export of files from & to my local windows folders with visual recipes as part of my flow? I have noticed there is an export recipe, but I don't know if / how to export to the windows folders with that recipe?

If the short answer is "no", would someone have a code recipe to share to do so? Note: I am not familiar with Linux, Python etc. But I understand how coding works, and know how to automate such tasks with VBA macros in excel files.



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Hi !

Yes, it is possible to import/export files from/to a local Windows folder with DSS.

The easiest way is to create a new filesystem connection linked to a Windows folder. Here is how to do it:

- In Windows explorer, go to Drive C and creates a new folder named "DSS"

- Start DSS, open your Web browser and go to DSS Administration > Connections.

- Click "New connection" and select "Server Filesystem"

- In "New connection name" field, enter "windows_filesystem"

- In root path field, enter "/mnt/c/DSS".

- Click Create

You now have a filesystem connection that can read/write into the C:\DSS folder.


Open a project, go to the Flow and create a new Folder:

- Click [+ Dataset] button and select "Folder". Choose a label (DSS for example) and click OK.

You can now upload files from DSS into this folder. They will be stored in C:\DSS\<folder id> where <folder id> is the internal id of this folder (This ID will not change over time).

To export a Dataset into this folder, you can use the "Export to folder" recipe and select the DSS folder we just created.


Et voilà!

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Thank you Apichery, and apologies for the late acknowledgment! I didn't know we could navigate to the Windows Drive with a simple /mnt/c/ command 🙂

I'm quite clear on the export side. On automating the import side, if I had 1000 csv files in a windows folder, to which I would want to automatically apply the same flow to get to a 1000 output csv files in an export folder, would there be an easy way to proceed without code?

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