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Export a Java class/JAR for a model

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Export a Java class/JAR for a model

According to the documentation it is possible to import a model as an executable jar file:

  • Go to the trained model you wish to export (either a model trained in the Lab or a version of a saved model deployed in the Flow)

  • Click the Actions button on the top-right corner

  • Select Download as “fat” JAR (standalone) (aka assembly

I can't see "Download as Jar.." anywhere, Lab, Flow, etc.

The documentation also states that "The model needs to be compatible with Local (Optimized) scoring to be compatible with Java export."  The model I'm trying to export is RandomForest Local(Python) which meets the comparability requirements. 

We are using DSS 5.1.5

Below is a screenshot with a disabled button "Actions" circled in red. Is this the one that has the Export options? 

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Hi @davidmakovoz, I assume indeed that you're still on a trial license, hence the feature might not enabled.

As per the link you posted

The Java export feature requires a specific DSS license. Please contact your Dataiku Account Manager or Customer Success Manager


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