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Exception while running Jupyter notebook

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Exception while running Jupyter notebook


I am having following exception while running Jupyter notebook.

/opt/dataiku-dss-7.0.2/python/dataiku/core/ in import_from_plugin(plugin_id, package_name)
     18     """Import a package from the lib/ folder of the plugin and returns the module"""
     19     folders = intercom.jek_or_backend_json_call("plugins/get-lib-folders", data={
---> 20         "pluginId" : plugin_id
     21     })

/opt/dataiku-dss-7.0.2/python/dataiku/core/ in jek_or_backend_json_call(path, data, err_msg, **kwargs)
    176         return jek_json_call(path, data, err_msg, **kwargs)
    177     else:
--> 178         return backend_json_call(path, data, err_msg, **kwargs)
    180 def backend_get_call(path, data=None, err_msg=None, **kwargs):

/opt/dataiku-dss-7.0.2/python/dataiku/core/ in backend_json_call(path, data, err_msg, **kwargs)
    168 def backend_json_call(path, data=None, err_msg=None, **kwargs):
--> 169     return _handle_json_resp(backend_api_post_call(path, data, **kwargs), err_msg = err_msg)
    171 def jek_json_call(path, data=None, err_msg=None, **kwargs):

/opt/dataiku-dss-7.0.2/python/dataiku/core/ in _handle_json_resp(resp, err_msg)
    233         err_data = resp.text
    234         if err_data:
--> 235             raise Exception("%s: %s" % (err_msg, _get_error_message(err_data).encode("utf8")))
    236         else:
    237             raise Exception("%s: %s" % (err_msg, "No details"))

Exception: None: b'Ticket not given or unrecognized. Force reload the notebook.'

It goes away if you reload the notebook or quit it and reopen, but since this problem arises occasionally it would be good to have definite solution.

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This issue indicates that your DSS backend is crashing and restarting periodically. When the backend crashes, the authentication tickets are invalidated and the running notebook cannot communicate anymore.

You need to look into the "run/backend.log" files why your backend is crashing. There is a 95% probability that it is because your backend.xmx setting is too low and your backend runs out of memory. You can see here how to increase it:

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We will try that, thanks for quick response

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