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Error when starting a job with DSSClient

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Error when starting a job with DSSClient

I'm trying to start a job by the API.

In the job definition, i have something like that:

definition = {
"outputs" : [{
"id" : "name_of_the_output_dataset",
"partition" : "NP"

But i'm getting the following error:

File "", line 14, in
job = project.start_job(definition)
File "/Users/a.gondouin/dataiku-api-client-python/dataikuapi/dss/", line 268, in start_job
return DSSJob(self.client, self.project_key, job_def['id'])
TypeError: list indices must be integers, not str

Do you have any idea ?

Thanks in advance
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Sorry for the late response, did you find a solution?

I think you need to cast the ids into integers instead of strings.

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Hello Matt,

Yes, I've found a solution.
In the definition block, I replaced the " with ' and it works fine.
The example in the documentation is with "

Thanks for your answer.
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