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Dates not being read in correctly from R code

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Dates not being read in correctly from R code


I'm currently facing an issue where we are using R code to calculate the difference between two date values in days.  The code is working fine when we run it in R Studio, but when we put the recipe into Dataiku it seems to not read in the date values correctly.  I've attached a screenshot of an example of our expected output vs the type of output we're seeing in Dataiku, and you can see that the date field is being read in as a double instead of a date for some reason. 

In the input data, the date is being read in as a string, but in the R code we formatted it as a date and still got the expected output.  However, we've now modified the R code to exclude weekends from the calculation, and for some reason this caused the issue to appear.  Is there anything we should be changing in the R code or in Dataiku to correct this?

Thank you!


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Hi Aazariaz,

I think your actual date format is epoch, instead of date. Maybe you can convert it to date in R

as.POSIXct(date_in_epoch_format, origin="1970-01-01"))

or via a prepare recipe. Hope this helps!

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