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Check if a Geopoint is in a Multipolygon

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Check if a Geopoint is in a Multipolygon


I have a shapefile containing areas  (source

The area are stores into Multipolygon and I want to check if a Geopoint is inside a Multipolygon :

- with python, it works with the shapely package

- with postgresql, apparenlty the postgis extension allows it

But I'd like to know if it is feasible to do it with a visual recipe

Thanks in advance

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Hi @Mingo 

At the moment, the step you describe is not part of the visual interface. You have several options:

- As you've already done, use a code recipe.

- If you require a Prepare recipe anyway, add a Code step with a code environment. 

- If you think you might be using this in several projects, it might be worth considering packaging as a plugin custom step, that way it will be available across the instance!

I will log this as a feature request in our backlog.

Good luck!

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