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Can dataiku dss handle json and XML data inputs and outputs?

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Can dataiku dss handle json and XML data inputs and outputs?

Does Dataiku offer handle input data of types XML (using XSD schema) and json?

Does it also handle the generation of output based on XSLT?


Or this should be done programmatically ?


Thank you in advance

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Hi there,

DSS does indeed support using XML and JSON formats as input. More information can be found in our documentation here:

In terms of your second question, it'd be helpful to get more context and details about your use case but yes you would likely need to do this programmatically. I hope that this helps!



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Thank you for your answer

I have checked the documentation when I tried to extract information during the upload of the xml, I couldn't get the information as shown in the example below:

let assume that I have this simple xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<person gender="Male">
<phone type="fix">01 02 03 04 05</phone>
<phone type="Mobile">06 07 08 09 10</phone>



I want to extract each person with all its attributes as record using Xpath


maleDoeJohn01 02 03 04 0506 07 08 09 10


when trying  "XPaths to columns" in the schema/Preview it does not extract the expected information.

Thank you

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I finally figure it out.

the issue was related to Xpath Expressions

just still have "xml_text":  before each content 

Thank you anyway

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