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Application-as-recipes and SQL scripts reusable for different connections

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Level 1
Application-as-recipes and SQL scripts reusable for different connections

While turning a flow of SQL script recipes into an application-as-recipe we encountered some difficulties making it generalisable for new input SQL tables that have a different connection/schema/tablename as the original input table. We are interested to learn how other users dealt with this and what best practices are according to the dataiku developers.

Specifically, here are some of our questions:

- In the application designer advanced options, there is the possibilities to add Connections for remappings. We understood this happens when the application is instantiated -> is there a (future) possibility that this remapping automatically points to the connection of the input dataset for the application-as-recipe? As we do not know the input dataset/connection we will use the app-as-recipe for when designing it, we had to find a work-around to do the remapping.

- To use the tablename and schema of the inputtable as a variable that can be used in the SQL scripts, we wrote a custom python script that finds the input to the first recipe in the instantiated project and then looks up its properties using the dataset class and writes them as project variables. To have the 'Execute SQL' steps in our scenario run with the correct connection, we looked up every step of the scenario and if it had a connection changed the connection accordingly. Is there any easier way to do this?

- Will there be documentation available on these topics? we could only find the documentation for file based recipes and scenarios.

Thanks for your input!
This is a follow up from @akshaykatre post: How do you use SQL Script in recipe as application - Dataiku Community @fchataigner2

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