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API and Code Environment related issues

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API and Code Environment related issues

Hi everyone,

    Recently I'm having different issues related to code environment and I need some help here. 

    1. We always get the error: 

    ERROR: Could not install packages due to an EnvironmentError: [Errno 28] No space left on device

      when we try to test the API on designer. Even when we have enough free disk space after we cleaned up.

    2. Our devop found a huge file (25G) under code-env-cache that belongs to a dummy API test which only contains a hello world level test. However, the size of this file is unreasonable and we want to ask is there anyway to clean this code-env-cache through DSS interface (webapp) instead of do it manually in command line?

    3. The test on API-designer is often unstable. We always get 2 or 3 times network error before the dev server is correctly running or getting useful error message. Why it has this behaviour?

    4. I see the speed of building API is heavily depending on code environment. So what is the best practice here? Should we prepare multiple python code-env of different combination of imported packages?


Thank your help in advance .


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For 1, you need space in /tmp too - that's a behavior of pip

2. This can only be cleand manually currently

3. Please open a support ticket, attaching an instance diagnosis, as indicated here:

4. We indeed recommend that you rather use at most one code environment per API service rather than one per endpoint.

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