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Tip : Alteryx to Dataiku : Join

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Tip : Alteryx to Dataiku : Join


In Alteryx, the Join tool is designed to allow users to bring data together. Dataiku has its own Join recipe that can serve a number of the same use cases (with some extra bells and whistles thrown in!)  For the standard use case of picking matching fields across data sources and blending them together Dataiku has the same functionality in the Join recipe’s “Join” pane.  One advantage here is that you can choose as many data sources as you’d like without having to resort to a Join Multiple Alteryx tool.  You even get a preview of the linking fields you’ve chosen to verify they’re correct.



Join as many datasets as you need


If the goal is to replicate Alteryx’s splitting of outputs into non-matching and matching records no problem - Dataiku can route non-matches directly to its own output in a very similar way.




Separate out unmatched rows


And if you ever find yourself going back before a Join tool in Alteryx to create a quick calculated field or filter, Dataiku makes those available right in the same recipe in the Pre Filter and Pre join computed columns pane.  Quick and easy!


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