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Welcome to Switching to Dataiku

Community Manager
Community Manager
Welcome to Switching to Dataiku

We are thrilled to welcome you on the “Switching to Dataiku” Area on the Dataiku Community, a place designed to help users like you who are transitioning from other tools and diving into Dataiku! 🎉

We know how valuable community support can be on your journey, and we're here to provide that same level of support and camaraderie as you make the switch from other tools. 

Here, you will find different types of content to help you familiarize yourself with Dataiku and quickly build up your skills on the platform: 

  • Challenges:  Put your skills to the test and participate in our fun and educational challenges designed to help you master Dataiku 🎯
  • Tips & Tricks : To level up your skills, learn the best practices and the equivalences between the different platforms to get off to a good start with Dataiku. 📚
  • Forum : Questions & Answers to connect with fellow transitioners and share the difficulties experienced and how they were solved 🤝

Expect these sections to fill up with content over the coming weeks. 🍾

And remember, the community is not just a support hub - it's a fun and engaging place where you can connect, learn, and grow together! ❤️

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