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no module named urllib3 installing dss ubuntu 14.04

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no module named urllib3 installing dss ubuntu 14.04
Hello, I have been trying to install DSS in a laptop with ubuntu 14.04 machine and I am not able to, Evennthough I installed the dependencies with the given command that is in the documentation and it appears as good when I try to install DSS I get an error in "installing setuptools, pip, wheel

traceback (most recent call last):....

Import error: no module named urllib3

Os error command .../python2.7 - setuptools pip wheel failed with error code 1.

-Error could not initialize virtualenv in home....pyenv"

Is this an error on my packages or in something else? I really have no clue, I have anaconda 2 installed and I have python 2.7 in my computer, any help will be greatly appreciated.
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