I can't log in to DSS

UserBird Dataiker
I can't log in to DSS
Hi ,

I've installed DSS on Debian , when starting DSS service hproxy doesn't start and then I can't login using admin/admin , nor by using the mail/password I used to register.

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jereze Dataiker
Re: I can't log in to DSS


From what you say, DSS seems installed without any problem. (The hproxy does not start because you do not have Haddop on your server, which is normal I guess.) To be sure you don't have any problem at the installation, you can check the logs.

Once you registered your DSS instance (with email/password), you can login with admin/admin. It should work. You can reset your password if you have any problem.

Let us know if it helps you!


EDIT : we have a page FAQ: I can't login to DSS


Jeremy, Product Manager at Dataiku
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