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How to install mysql driver on an AWS image

How to install mysql driver on an AWS image
I have just launched an AWS instance based on dataiku official images:

I need to connect to a mysql db, but the driver is missing. According to, I need to stop dataiku, place the jar file in the DATA_DIR/lib/jdbc and then restart dataiku.

Dataiku is run, I think, by the dataiku user, but I can not find the dataiku user password and when I try to stop it using root, it does not allow me to do so.

How can I achieve this?

Thanks in advance
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Community Manager
Community Manager


Use the sudo command to switch to dataiku user.

sudo su - dataiku

Jeremy, Product Manager at Dataiku

If you are root and want to perform operations on DSS, you can simply impersonate the dataiku user using the su command (documentation😞

# whoami
# su - dataiku
$ whoami

You can then stop dss, download the mysql driver, etc.

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