Error using HDFS connector with secure cluster CCDH

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Error using HDFS connector with secure cluster CCDH

Hello to all,

when using HDFS connector i have this error: "USER"is not allowed to impersonate admin 

HTTP code: 500, type: org.apache.hadoop.ipc.RemoteException
I have configured my DSS instance using this cmd: I didn't used the dss keytab to configure but another user who have access to my CDH cluster


./bin/dssadmin install-hadoop-integration -keytab ABSOLUTE_PATH_TO_KEYTAB_FILE -principal KERBEROS_PRINCIPAL


I have UIF configured
THank you for your response
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This is likely due to the incomplete configuration of the impersonation on the CDH cluster. Please see : 
This error will usually occur if :
a) "hadoop.proxyuser.hive.groups" does not contain dssuser ( the UNIX user which runs the DSS software)
b)  "hadoop.proxyuser.hive.hosts" does not contain the DSS host.
c) A restart of the stale CDH components was not performed.
Can you please check these and let us know if the this does not resolve your issue.
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