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DSS development env installation and setup

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DSS development env installation and setup

HI,  we have an opportunity and we are going to install DSS 3 nodes (Design,APi,Automation ) and integrate it with Hadoop cluster

So I have some questions that I need your help to install these environment

  1. Do we have to install DSS  instances on VM or direct on server.
  2. If we need VMs ,so how many VM’s we need it for installation.
  3. Do we need more than one VM for each instanc for HA  (ex: two VMs for design node ) as we have only 5 users
  4. What is the hardware specs for each instances (Design,automation,API)
  5. would you send me any installation document for development or production enviroment

Thank you and looking forward to hear from you soon

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  1. You can use either VM or a physical server as long as you meet DSS requirements
  2. You can use several VMs or a single VM to host all the instances. If you plan to host Design, Automation and API node on a single instance make sure to meet their requirements (AutomationAPI). Specifically, change base port and reserve up to 10 consecutive TCP port
  3. Typically, we advise to consider implementing HA for API node only. Generally speaking, as Design and Automation nodes are being used for design work and batch processing they can withstand certain downtime. Plus, implementing HA for them is challenging. Also, you might want to focus on configuring back ups
  4. This heavy depends on your requirement like number of users, amount of data being processed, kind of preparation tasks and models you are running etc. Usually, this is something that’s discussed and addressed during the implementation phase with our Implementation team. A brief go-to about memory tuning can be found in our doc
  5. We don't have publicly available document afaic. However, if you are a paid customer our Implementation team and Customer Success manager should be able to help with that.
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Thanks for your quick reply also I want to install DSS nodes on cloudera Edge nodes which are physical machines so should we install it as vm or directly on physical node

Also can you advise with all precautions should be taken  while installing DSS  instances on  edge servers and integration with Cloudera components

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