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How to import code from Git into a DSS project library

How to import code from Git into a DSS project library

Can you import code from Git to be used within a Dataiku DSS project? Yes!

An important end goal of writing code is to be able to reuse it, whether within a DSS project, across projects within a DSS instance, or for projects external to DSS.

To this end, you can define code libraries within DSS that contain reusable code, and you can connect these libraries to remote git repositories.

For example, if you have code that has been developed outside of DSS and is available in a Git repository (for example, a library created by another team), you can import this repository (or a part of it) in the project libraries, and use it in any code capability of DSS (such as recipes, notebooks, or web apps).

This short video summarizes how to import code from a Git repository into a DSS project library:

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  • Reusing code is key to collaboration. Consult the reference documentation to learn more about reusing Python or R code. 
Level 1

What kind of code from a git repository is available? Just Python and R? Or can you call a compiled jar file? (I'm writing code in Clojure, which compiles down to jars)



In code libraries, you can pull any git repository.
But it's made for python and R code, to import it in Python or R recipes. 



Level 1

Ok, I can call jar files from Python AFAIK. The biggest friction for me with Dataiku is not being able to use our own languages for code recipes. I think Python and R are probably the best choices if you had to pick 2, but limiting for us. 

GraalVM has been getting a lot of traction and could open up a lot more options for Dataiku users:

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