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When installing a project from another node make the Warning more targeted to the project installed

User Story:

As an Analyst given a project from another community member, I would like the warning during importation to be more targeted to the actual project I'm installing, so that I can more confidently exchange and receive projects from other community members.


Here are the types of warnings that one can receive.  This seems like it would be intimidating to a New Analyst on the system.

Import Error.jpg


As the project, I was importing did not have any time series work in it.  This warning was irrelevant.  As I was not going to continue development on this project the warning about the project-developer plugin was also irrelevant to me as an Analyst.  That said these warnings should be available to more advanced users.

Here is a link to a community post that details an example of these challenges for an analyst to import a project.