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Test connection credentials directly from credentials manager

Typical workflow for users upon entering incorrect creds:

  1. Populate credentials for connection account
  2. Navigate to flow
  3. Create new dataset or try to access existing dataset using that connection
  4. Discover credentials were incorrect
  5. Return to credential manager, try again
  6. Repeat until success.

Optimal workflow:

  1. Populate credentials
  2. Immediately see whether connection was successful


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agreed - this is pretty simple and foundational

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In connections, you should have a 'Test' button at the bottom that does exactly that unless there is a use case or specific connection I am missing 😊

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Thanks @fsergot,

I think that might work for users with admin access, or for the connections that normal users are allowed to configure, but in my organization, most connections are managed by our admin team, so they're not visible to normal users in the connection manager. But even if they were, connections with per-user credentials still require a user to start in the connection manager, click over to the credential manager, select the connection there, populate credentials, return back to the connection manager, and then test the connection. If this could be simplified by adding that test button to the credential input modal as well (including allowing users to test their current credentials before entering new ones), the process would flow much more smoothly.



Screenshot 2021-05-10 064401.jpg

It would be great if a test option were added here.

A couple other minor notes about this screen:

The title of the modal window (at least as of Dataiku v8) doesn't populate with the connection name, just "Credential for 0."

Clicking the cancel button after deleting a username saves the changes rather than discarding them. I'm not sure if this is also true for passwords, but at least as far as usernames go, cancel and OK currently have the same effect.

I think it would also be really cool if all connections with populated credentials could be tested simultaneously from the credential manager, and if the most recent status from any dataset that's built with a given set of credentials could be displayed on this screen too with a timestamp, making it easy to see when an account, perhaps one that's been being used for automations, recently started to fail due to expired credentials.


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This is in our backlog. We'll look into it along with other requests related to per-user credentials.

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