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SQL "Formula" step in visual recipes

User Story:

As a user who consistently uses multi-step visual recipes and stores data in a SQL database, it would be great to have SQL Formulas as a step type in visual recipes to create a new column.  The hope is that these could be easily created in such a way that more visual recipes could run in the database directly and thus improve performance & scalability.  


Here is an example of a visual formula that might be able to work as a SQL formula step. The following is an example of code in a formula recipe step:

substring(toLowercase(FirstName), 0, 1) + "," +
substring(toLowercase(LastName), 0, 20) + "," +
substring(toLowercase(MailingStreet), 0, 4) + "," +
substring(toLowercase(MailingPostalCode), 0, 3)

 This might look something like the below in a SQL visual recipe step.

substring(lower(FirstName), 0,1) || "," ||
substring(lower(LastName), 0,20) || "," ||
substring(lower(MailingStreet), 0,4) || "," ||
substring(lower(MailingPostalCode), 0,3) 


1 Comment

Short of writing this in a separate SQL recipe.  It would be interesting to hear if there is a performant workaround for a scenario like this.