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Exporting Dates to MS Excel

User Story:

As a Data Analyst, I'd like to be able to export Dataiku Datasets into MS Excel files and have the parsed Date Time come through into MS Excel as MS Excel DataTime Columns not Text strings in the style of an ISO Data Time, this would save time and reduce confusion on the part of date consumers.


  • Problem was discovered in Dataiku DSS V8.0.4

cc: @AshleyW 

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Just adding a comment to be able to track the status of this feature request

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Status changed to: Delivered

We did it!

Your idea has become reality and has recently been delivered in 11.1. As @Turribeach pointed out, you can find more details in the release notes. In summary, when you now export a dataset to an Excel file, more storage types will be respected between the two: dates, strings with leading zeros, etc.

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