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Allow changing color configurations for color blind people

DSS uses a fixed set of colors in many places. For example, Visual Recipes are Yellow, ML Models are green. These predefined colors may not be ideal for people who suffer from color blindness. The most difficult experience can be in using the visual characterization of a column in the explore section by meaning: Green indicates the values match the meaning, red indicates the value does not match. Red-Green is the most common type of color blindness.


Suggest enabling options with other color configurations to enable people with color blindness use Dataiku just as effectively.


@yashpuranik ,

Thanks for bringing up this important accessibility need that affects 1 in 12 men (8%). 1 in 200 women (0.5%).

Level 6

Yes very important, just voted. I think this idea can be merged with the dark theme idea and basically become a theme editor to allow people to create/define their own themes to suit a variety of different needs. 

It might be possible to merge this request with a color picker feature request.  However, I hope that we would not lose this very specific clear, and important use case as part of such a merger.

I'd request that one of the standards, tested default sets of colors in the color picker be a color-blind appropriate set of colors. 

The idea is not to cause 8.5% of the potential users of the system to have to each individually re-invent the wheel for a color-blind use case.  Yes, a color picker could be helpful.  But if each person who uses the system individually has to choose their own set of colors that are Color Blind appropriate.  That is a lot of time, either recreating the wheel for each of the 8.5 percent of the users.  Or loss of productivity from 8.5% of the users that don't end up taking the time to create on their own a color blind set of colors.

In my mind this is sort of like choosing to support multiple languages.  There is a difference between creating the tools to support multiple languages, and creating a system that can be used by a Turkish speaker. 

Regarding a color blind setup, please do it once as part of the product. And then test that your ongoing designs continue to be viable as the product changes with this standard color pallet.  I view this request as a similar commitment when one chooses to support individual languages.  This request is not simply about  the ability to change colors in the interface.

Level 6

Yes good point. I forgot to say in my suggestion was to enable users to edit/create their themes but also to ship the product with default templates that address the most common visual impairments like colour blind, high contrast, low contrast, etc. Ultimately these themes could also be shared by the community as well making the options endless. 

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Thank you for your feedback! We've received your request and will let you know if we have any further updates.

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