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Ability to sync global shared code with bitbucket/github

We love dataiku for its Git capabilities,  projects tend to be very well serviced in this, and for custom plugins, the integration with bitbucket is fantastic as well. However, with many different developers having access to global shared code, it'd be fantastic if we could have a similar version control capabilities for that!


Hi @lindahoeberigs1,

Thanks for sharing this feedback. Unfortunately, due to the very global level of global shared code, and thus the potential high and uncontrolled impact it could have, we have not and do not plan to implement git integration for this capability. However I would be very happy to discuss with you the need and alternative options.



Dataiker Alumni
Status changed to: Not Planned

@ClemenceB: What would be the recommended way to ensure that the global shared code is synced across all design/automation nodes in the absence of git integrations?