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Is there dataiku has a UI for business rules creations

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Is there dataiku has a UI for business rules creations

Hi Team,

I'm Dr.Priyanka Singh ,i love to work with Dataiku tools .

I want ore information related to some question .

1.Dataiku has a UI for business rules creations?and where will i get?

2.If I want to use Random Forest and Decision Tree-based rules in Dataiku, which will the version helpful for me (7.0.1 or else) where i get to installed it ?

hope i get response as soon as possible .

Thanks you so much

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Hi there,

Random Forest and Decision trees are included among many other models in our Visual Machine Learning features. You can find out more on our great tutorial:

If you want to create the business rules with human input in addition to machine learning, you can try this plugin webapp:

This documentation explains how to install a plugin:

You may need to ask your DSS admin as only users with administrative privileges can install plugins.

Hope it helps,


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