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Frontend and AngularJS Routing with Web Apps

Frontend and AngularJS Routing with Web Apps


I was wondering if anyone knows if AngularJS router or routing functionality is supported in Dataiku Web Apps, or Visual Web Apps?

So basically being able to modify the URL.

I am right now working on creating a web app that doesn't implement it this way just because I have taken a look at previous web apps in the plugin store and haven't found any that use the AngularJS router. If Dataiku doesn't support this functionality are there any alternatives or best practices?

What would be the best way to develop a web app in DSS that has multiple views and functionalities? 

Thank you for your help!


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Hi Adam,

Could you give more details about your use case? Would you like to organize in-app navigation like switching between app pages or want to navigate user outside of your webapp: to another DSS page or outside of DSS?

Technically the webapp code runs in an iframe inside DSS. That's why if you manipulate the URL it's not going to affect the "outer" DSS url that's going to stay more or less like 


So if you'd just like to navigate between different screens of your own webapp and you don't care if once you reload the page you're going to be returned to the main page of your webapp, then this may work for you.

If you stick to AngularJs (which is probably a good choice for a webapp since it doesn't require compilation) you may also have a look at $stateProvider it's coming from a 3rd party lib but is de-facto standard. It introduces a "state" which is linked to a path, so in your code you don't navigate to a path, but to a state.




Andrey Avtomonov
R&D Engineer @ Dataiku

Thank you!

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