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Authenticating with Public WebApps

Authenticating with Public WebApps


I was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to authenticate a DSS user to a project web app that is both public but they do not have project access to. 

I have been using code that looks like this:



def authenticate():
        request_headers = dict(request.headers)
        # Get the auth of the user performing the request
        # If the user is not authenticated, this will raise
        client = dataiku.api_client()
        auth_info = client.get_auth_info_from_browser_headers(request_headers)
        print ("User doing the query is %s" % auth_info["authIdentifier"])

        user = list(filter(lambda user: user["login"].lower() == auth_info["authIdentifier"].lower(), client.list_users()))[0]
        # Allows only workspace admins to have access to portal
        # Get workspace admins list
        workspace_admins = dataiku.Dataset('workspace_admins')
        workspace_admins_df = workspace_admins.get_dataframe()
        fltr_df = workspace_admins_df.loc[workspace_admins_df['admin_username'] == user['login'].lower()]
        admin_workspaces_lst = fltr_df.workspace_id.tolist()
        if len(admin_workspaces_lst) > 0:
            return json.dumps({"status":"ok","data":user['login'].lower()})
            # User is not allowed to enter portal
            return json.dumps({"status":"ok","data":"forbidden"})
    except dataikuapi.utils.DataikuException as err:
        return  json.dumps({"status":"ok","data":"not_authenticated"})
    except Exception as err:
        return traceback.format_exc(), 500




For users that don't have project access they see the following error in their browser. 

You do not have permission to read-use for dashboard...."  

 It lists the web app and project name after the "...".

Thank you for your help!


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The error that the user receives by the way appears to be from Dataiku itself. It's error type is 

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A banner prompting to get Dataiku DSS