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Accessing flow variables from within a FS provider?

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Accessing flow variables from within a FS provider?

I'm currently writing a custom FS provider (see here) and I'd like to use some flow variables into my code. For instance, I'd like to get the project in which the connector is instantiated to customize the path of my data files. I tried naively something like :

from dataiku.fsprovider import FSProvider

import os, shutil
import dataiku

class CustomFSProvider(FSProvider):

def __init__(self, root, config, plugin_config):

self.root = root
self.provider_root = plugin_config['base_path']

base_path = os.path.join(self.provider_root, self.root)
vars = dataiku.dku_flow_variables

But the last line throws an error. Should I use the dataiku api client?



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the `dataiku.dku_flow_variables` is meant for use in recipes, not in plugin datasets. The latter are expected to also run outside recipes, where flow variables don't exist.


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Thanks Frederic. So that means that there is no way I can retrieve the project key and the dataset name from within the plugin dataset?
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