Learnings From the Dataiku x ALMA Observatory Volunteer Data Challenge - Watch on Demand

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Learn insights from the Dataiku x ALMA Observatory Challenge, a hands-on project hosted over several months which enabled 14 participants from around the world to develop their skills in Dataiku & data science while contributing to a good cause! 

Volunteers were tasked with leveraging data science to automatize quality tests performed on astronomical observations, so that it can be made in the minimum time possible and more resources can be allocated to producing useful observations. 

This online event will take you through a retrospective on the Challenge, from its inception to the insights produced by participants, as well as a live discussion on the value and challenges of such volunteer data science collaboration.


  • @Ignacio_Toledo, Data Analyst & Data Science Initiative Lead at ALMA Observatory
  • @pvannies, Data Scientist at Ordina NL
  • @gnaldi62, Software Architect at ICTeam
  • @tgb417, Director of Data Science at 41xRT
  • @NiklasP, Data Scientist at Dataiku


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@LisaB@Ignacio_Toledo,@pvannies@gnaldi62 , @NiklasP , @tgb417 .

😁👏Very nice presentation on the ALMA project. 

Had some trouble with my connection after the presentation, so I could not join the discussion afterwards.

Would really like to join any next challenge.

Hope to see you all soon again.

Marc Robert