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Different industries across the world are leveraging Dataiku to transform everyday data into a form that can drive data-driven decisions and revolutionise the world. But how do we innovate on such projects and systems that drive impactful decisions if our workplaces, education systems and societies aren’t designed to accommodate or encourage almost half of the world's population to pursue careers in the data world?

This 8th of March, over forty women and allies from different corners of the world gathered together to celebrate the International Women's Day with the Dataiku Community. The event provided spaces for participants to engage in conversations in local languages that sparked dialogue around important topics such as -

  • Intersectional diversity
  • the toggle between personal and professional life as one decides to start families
  • career opportunities in technology for women from non-tech educational backgrounds
  • the little choices we could make every day so that tomorrow you don’t have to be the only woman in important business meeting rooms.

In addition, we also hosted a panel discussion with @DivyaThomas@ShobanaM, Simone Larsson and @gwenadler where we tapped into the individual experiences of four women coming from diverse regions and pursuing roles in Product, Customer Success, AI Strategy and Sales at Dataiku. Some of the topics covered during this discussion included -

  • How to walk past the biases that walk in as one takes a break for her family and later wants to get back to the corporate world?
  • How can you be a mentor to someone while being a mentee to another?
  • What are some of the steps you can take to deal with imposter syndrome?
  • Are the existing organisational structures more supportive of men over other genders?

Watch The Panel Discussion Recording Below