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How to train for Everyday AI - Watch on Demand

Dataiker Alumni
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THE FUTURE! It may be scary to some and exciting to others but regardless of how you feel, it is inevitable and probably sooner than you think. As we look to the future of Data Science and Everyday AI, how are we preparing the next generation of Extraordinary People?

This panel is moderated by Josh Hewitt, Director of Academics at Dataiku and will focus on strategies for developing the next generation of data science talent. It will feature the winner and finalists of the Dataiku Frontrunner Awards with a spotlight on their use cases and success stories on addressing this important topic, with Dataiku in the classroom.

Our distinguished international panel include:

Please join us for a spirited and valuable discussion on how we can best prepare the next generation of Data Science talent and how members of the Academic community are currently using tools, like Dataiku, to help accomplish this goal. 

We recommend reviewing each linked use case and success story before joining us for the panel as it will provide invaluable context for the event.