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Dataiku Product Days - Watch on Demand

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Community Manager
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Dataiku Product Days is a virtual global event designed to share best practices, tips, and tricks when using Dataiku. The event includes keynotes from Dataiku executives, partners, customer panel discussions, partner-led sessions, and sessions led by the Dataiku product management and data science teams.

Watch the December 2021 Product Days on Demand!

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Watch on demand

Sessions this year were organized around 3 key themes: Building Responsible AI, Scaling Operations with MLOps, and AI Governance and Regulatory Compliance. You will also see the latest Dataiku features available soon in Dataiku v10. 

Watch the April 2021 Product Days on Demand!

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Watch on demand

You won’t want to miss this one! What are you excited about seeing at a future Dataiku Product days? Feel free to drop them below.