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AI for Good with The Ocean Cleanup - Watch on Demand

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Community Manager
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The Ocean Cleanup project has an ambitious goal, clean the legacy pollution accumulating in the ocean garbage patches and prevent it from entering by cleaning the most polluting rivers in the world.


Bruno Sainte-Rose, The Ocean Cleanup’s lead computational modeler, shared how he and his team are leveraging Dataiku DSS to conduct operational monitoring and modelling of their plastic cleanup systems. Bruno explained how he aggregated and processed data coming from different sources (environmental measurements, GPS trackers, weather forecast models…) in Dataiku DSS, and how this data is then used for operational live monitoring of the systems, background experiments, and calibration of behavioral and cleanup efficiency models.

After the presentation, we had a live exchange around the use of AI for Good - an exchange that you should all feel free to continue here if you would like! We considered the question: "How we can use AI to enhance the good work being done around the world by non-profit organizations?" - share your thoughts in the comments!

Catch up on the event VOD here:

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Thank You Bruno Sainte-Rose, from The Ocean Cleanup’s for a wonderful talk today.  It was wonderful to have a conversation with those who joined.


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Excellent presentation! It's very energizing to see the rigor behind data-driven "For Good" initiatives like the Ocean Cleanup. @tgb417 Thanks for facilitating the group conversations.