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Please introduce yourself

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Please introduce yourself

To all of the folks who have joined the NYC Dataiku User Group  (is NYC DUG the acronym.)

It would be great to get to know others in the area.

I currently have the privilege to work with cultural non-profit organizations (like theaters and museums) in the NYC area and around the world.  I help them better understand their data in order to better serve customers and deliver on their mission.

I've been using DSS since late 2017 and when not facilitating organizational change, I enjoy making digital images.

Who else is out there.  Please either drop me a direct note or share your story below.

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Hello everyone, it's my pleasure to join the NYC DUG :). I'm currently doing market access analytics at Pfizer in New York. I started using DSS a few months ago, but only got serious about DSS just recently. Can't wait to become a Power User!

- Shuai