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One week until our next event!

Community Manager
Community Manager
One week until our next event!

One week from today, Thursday October 15th at 5:00 PM ET, @tgb417 will host the next NY User Group Event with @tim-wright presenting on Integrating Snowflake with Dataiku DSS. 

We will start the event getting to know one another via Zoom Breakouts. We will then regroup for Tim's presentation, hold a Q&A discussion, and discuss takeaways from what we learned. To make sure you are prepared ahead of time for a vibrant discussion, here are some resources to review:

1) Cloud-Optimized AI Solutions with Dataiku + Snowflake

2) The Dataiku and Snowflake Data Science Integration: A Real-Life Example

3) Snowflake — Dataiku DSS 8.0 documentation

We are excited for this event and hope you can attend!

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I’m so looking forward to our first NYC Dataiku DSS user group meeting.  Looking forward to having folks join us and getting to meet each of you.