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Logistic Regression

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Logistic Regression

Hello all, 

I posted a question in the community and Maureen responded, but then left me with more questions as I was confused, but she has not been able to respond again and I was hoping someone here could elaborate for me. 

Here is my question: 

Thank you @MaureenP. I appreciate your explanation. I have not heard of the Log of the Odds ratio before. I presume that this number is similar, in that a variables log of the Odds Ration if positive, is the % of the increase in the likelihood of 1 or True and a negative is the % decrease in the likelihood of 1 or True.

In the attached example, does it read that there is a 60% increased likelihood in retention for that variable and a 30% decreased likelihood in retention for the next variable.

Here is the link to the my reply to her


Thank you so much for any help. I am still learning the differences between Dataiku and SPSS/Excel.

Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 3.35.50 PM.png

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