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Data Governance & Regulating Data Privacy w/ NYT

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Data Governance & Regulating Data Privacy w/ NYT

Just incase you missed it, here is a recent webinar we hosted with Max Gendler from The New York Times, Data Governance & Regulating Data Privacy w/ NYT.

Privacy, data governance, and ethics have all become essential topics in a modern data-driven company. But what does all this truly mean and how do you get started with them?

As a data governance manager, you regularly get asked what data governance is. By definition, it’s a combination of three things: formalizing behaviors, holding people accountable, and supporting ethics at scale. But what does that really mean and how do you put it into practice? It's easier to think of it as the standardization of work, both the setting of standards and testing for them to ensure that they are applied, while simultaneously getting people to want to do the right thing. In a number of ways, governance is a giant design problem. How can we make the right thing easy? We'll dive into this question and more in this webinar.


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