Welcome to the Community Job Board

Community Manager
Community Manager
Welcome to the Community Job Board

We’ve been hearing from our users that would love a space to connect directly with other Data Scientists and in particular those using Dataiku DSS to discuss and share employment experiences and opportunities. 

And so, we’ve created this space to enable just that! We’ve created two separate threads to allow both job seekers and posters the ability to share information with a wider audience. 

Before posting, please review and consider the following guidelines: 

  • Please address questions for specific candidates or about posted roles through the Private Message function and take things off-community if it makes sense to do so. 
  • This is not a general job board - please only post data science related roles and provide candidate experience which would be suitable for such positions.
  • If posting a role, please return to edit your posting and clearly indicate “Position Has Been Filled” once you have found an appropriate candidate. 
  • If you are a candidate, and find a role, either through this board or otherwise, please return and edit your post with “Candidate has found employment” 

So, if you’re currently looking to fill a data science/AI/ML role within your organization, please feel free to post a summary or description, as well as the link to the method of application here in the ‘Post a Job’ thread. 

If you are in search of your next data adventure, be sure to check out this thread for Job Seekers and follow the prompts to share information about yourself that may be valuable to those with roles to fill.

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