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Job Seekers - Post your Info Here

Community Manager
Community Manager
Job Seekers - Post your Info Here

If you have experience with Dataiku DSS or with other AI or ML applications, and are in search of your next role in the data science space, please use this thread to share more about yourself. 

Some helpful suggestions to include that may assist others in learning more about your employment goals:

  • What is your past experience in the industry? 
  • What is your educational background or equivalent experience?
  • What data science/AI/ML platforms are you familiar with?
  • Share your LinkedIn profile link

Unfortunately, due to privacy concerns, we will remove any personally identifiable information from public view including email, phone numbers etc.

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My name is Nicholas Van Nest and I am interested in data scientist and data analyst internships and jobs. I hold BE and MS degrees in biomedical engineering, and I am nearing completion of the IBM Data Science Professional program. I have earned certifications using Python and SQL in conjunction with Jupyter notebooks and the Dataiku DSS platform, and have experience with PyData packages such as seaborn, pandas, numpy, matplotlib and scikit-learn. I previously worked at Pfizer, conducting data generation and analysis for two clinical trials, as well as method development and data wrangling. Please feel free to reach out if you know of any positions that would be a good fit!

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