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What was your greatest takeaway from Everyday AI India?

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What was your greatest takeaway from Everyday AI India?

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We are grateful that you made it to our biggest Dataiku event in Asia Pacific and Japan region - the Everyday AI Bengaluru on July 12th. Over 400 data practitioners and leaders like yourself gathered together in person for this event, with an additional 850 who joined us online. We hope you enjoyed your time here creating new connections, taking part in sessions and becoming a part of the Everyday AI revolution. If you’re looking to catch the recordings of the conference sessions, you can find them all below:

If you missed the event, don’t worry — below are some of our key highlights from the conference! 

  • The day was filled with an array of sessions hosted by AI leaders and experts from different industries, with our speakers sharing insight into topics including MLOps, AI for Good, scaling AI systems and more.  A session that stood as a highlight for many was that of Usha Rengaraju, Chief Research Officer at Exa Protocol. In her talk, she explored how AI could help solve challenges for people with autism and enable them to lead more independent lives.
  • At Everyday AI Bengaluru, we also offered the opportunity for our participants to connect online, especially those who couldn't travel down to Bengaluru to hear from our speakers in real time and be part of the event. They participated in quizzes, breakout rooms on current AI trends such as self-service analytics, MLOps, Responsible AI, escape rooms and had the chance to win exciting prizes!

  • Our offline participants, on the other hand, had to spark conversations with other attendees and complete a bingo sheet that was given to the to win a special swag.  They also had the photo booth to capture and preserve their Everyday AI memories with our conference props! 

  • We also had the lounge area where participants could meet with Dataikers, discovering all that Dataiku offers, from accelerating  day-to-day work to empowering users through different Community initiatives and resources.

  • Post the conference, our participants were treated to the musical stylings of our very own John Jordan (@JohnJ ), VP of Global Customer Operations and Advocacy at Dataiku, who did a DJ set to wrap up the event. What better way to end this special day?

Now that we shared all our major highlights from the conference, tell us what was your greatest takeaway from this event? We are all ears and await to hear your responses in the comments. 

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I had attended this event in-person. I was amazed to see use of Dataiku in Autism treatment, solving day to day problems through MLops, and a lot more take aways from the session.

Pooja shivani