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Bengaluru User Group Kickoff - Recap

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Bengaluru User Group Kickoff - Recap

Event Insights:


Dataiku Bengaluru User Group hosted its first ever in-person event for the user group! On 27th August, in Bengaluru at Google India we connected with our local community of 85 members for the (In-person) Dataiku Bengaluru User Group Kickoff - Aug 27th.

The event started off with Aditya Sharma (@er_adityasharma), Bengaluru User Group Lead sharing his vision for the local group and later involving members via interactive slides to contribute and share ideas on the plan for future initiatives & events. This was later followed by a presentation on the different Dataiku global community initiatives by Sangeeta Gupta (@SangeetaG), Community Program Manager at Dataiku and a presentation from Shubham Tomar(@ShubhamT), Senior Data Scientist and Training Specialist at Dataiku,  on how AutoML can be used to solve business problems using Dataiku. Shubham's session attracted a lot of insightful questions and served as a conversation starter among data practitioners during lunch. 

May it be us struggling to find the top winners for our ice-breaking activity given that our members were passionately involved in the task and were actively connecting with each other which let a good number of them complete their activity before time, our top Community Contributors Prof. Alok Chakravarty( @alokchakravarty ) and Madhuleena Nath ( @nmadhu20 )  who shared their personal stories of how and why they still continue to contribute to the community or having multiple members reach out to us later to volunteer for future user group events, the event indeed gave us some moments to be proud of. 

One of my major takeaways was also the fact that a significant number of attendees are seeking answers on how to break into the world of Data Science amidst a plethora  of puzzling resources online, and we are glad they went home with a guided course of action by connecting with data practitioners at the event. We received amazing responses from our members when asked about how they felt about the event. Some of which were: spellbound, boom, deepakified, shaggy, woowwww, soooooooper, awesome, intuitive, informative, lively.

Here is an important link for you where you can find all links including pictures from the event, our meetup group, volunteer form, speaker nomination form etc related to our user group : The Handy Link

Stay tuned for updates on our future events and enjoy some snaps from the event here! 

IMG_2698-min.jpgIMG_2774-min.jpgWhatsApp Image 2022-08-30 at 7.42.23 PM.jpegIMG_2842-min.jpgIMG_5244_Original-min.jpgIMG_1372_Original.jpgWhatsApp Image 2022-08-30 at 7.43.43 PM.jpeg

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Dataiker Alumni

Congratulations on successfully hosting your first event @er_adityasharma ! Being present at the event, it was inspiring to witness your personal story on why you feel such communities matter and why every person should be involved in such initiatives. Great work! Now that you shared what your biggest takeaways were, curious to understand what's the one thing you feel could have been improved during this meetup? 🙂 

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Dataiker Alumni

What a turnout @er_adityasharma congratulations on this event! I wish nothing but the best for all future events in Bengaluru!

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Dataiker Alumni

Thanks for hosting and organizing and allowing us to re-live the event with this writeup. The Bengaluru community is lucky to have you. Definitely wish I would've been there to learn a thing or two.

Love what you did with the linktree collection of all the important stuff 👍