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Is it possible to export decision tree rules?

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Is it possible to export decision tree rules?


We are using dataiku DSS for one machine learning project where we are trying to use decision trees for modelling. We notice that dataiku has functionality to visualise a decision tree which is great. We are looking to export the 'decision rules' (along with 'probabilities' and 'sample_size') for each branch of the tree so that we can analyse each branch / decision_rule. However, we cannot find any feature in dataIku DSS to export these decision rules to say an excel or csv file. 

I wonder if there is any such capability in DSS to export these rules? or any other work-around for it?

This is fairly critical requirement for us and hence solution / answer would be highly appreciated. 




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Hi Diwakar, 

For this use case we have a plugin you can install from the plugin store called rules generation:

This plugin provides the ability to extract a set of interpretable rules from a Random Forest. 

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