Best practices for optimizing Dataiku projects on Intel Evo laptops

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Best practices for optimizing Dataiku projects on Intel Evo laptops

Hello everyone,

I am currently using Dataiku on an Intel Evo laptop and I am looking for suggestions on how to optimize my projects to ensure smooth and efficient operations. I have gone through the Dataiku Developer Guide and User Interface Guide, but I would like to hear from the community about their experiences and best practices.

Some specific questions I have are:

  • What are some recommended hardware specifications for an Intel Evo laptop to run Dataiku smoothly?
  • Are there any specific settings or configurations that I should adjust to optimize performance?
  • Are there any third-party tools or plugins that can enhance the performance of Dataiku on an Intel Evo laptop?

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Operating system used: linux

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Hi @Charlesdevis.,

We don't have any particular recommendations on specific laptops.

Beyond hardware/OS requirements:

We wouldn't recommend using Windows Native as this only has experimental support. You should opt to use a VM or Linux install. 


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@Charlesdevis ,

Welcome to the Dataiku community.

I’ve been using DSS on laptops for years now.  The hardware guide is a good place to start. And the Dataiku team is clear that the use of DSS on laptops is not for production use.   If you are going to use windows as your base operating system you are setting yourself up for challenges.  DSS was not designed to work on windows. It works best on Linux or a Unix like operating system. It works OK on Mac OS which I have used. I’ve also successfully used windows and WSL2. However there are definitely some rough edges and little support for such a configuration. 5-6 years ago I tried to use DSS in a VM.  This did not work out for me.  I think things are better recently.  

That said here are my thoughts.

  • Add as much RAM as you can afford and your laptop will take.
  • If you have a little extra ram, if you have not done so run your project against a Postgres’s SQL database, not the local file system.  I’ve gotten away with doing this on the same laptop as Dataiku DSS. 
    • When setting up Postgresql see one of the online tuning guides and make the adjustments to PostgreSQL.

hope this helps a bit

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