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Sample Course Notes - Data Preparation

Course notes developed by the Dataiku Team and delivered to ESCP Europe 

Overview of the data preparation stages, definitions of data types, missing values and rescaling.  


This is great material. Would it be OK if I share this slides with other users of DSS within my organization?


Hi Ignacio,

Yes, please feel free to share.  Thank you for asking.


Thanks @Josh_Hewitt !

I'm seeing that there is a lot of useful material here. While I notice this section is aimed to the Academic world, I wonder if I could invite other people from my organization to register and participate in this group?

I work at ALMA, an astronomical observatory in the north of Chile, and we have been working with DSS thanks to the non-profit program of Dataiku. While not an academic institution, we enable the research of thousands of astronomers around the world, and many of our staff are Operational Astronomers or have a "researcher" profile, what put us really close to the Academic area, more than to the corporate world.

Thanks again.


Hi Ignacio,

Yes, please feel free to invite others.  

Thank you,




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