Cool event: Ignacio Toledo & the ALMA Observatory (5 Nov 2020)

Link to event & RSVP here

Thu, Nov 5, 11:00 AM (EST)

Every astronomer knows the critical importance of good data when it comes to researching the oldest and coldest things in the Universe. But few observatories have recognized the importance of applying good data science to their operations.

Ignacio Toledo, Data Science Initiative Lead at the ALMA Observatory, will share learnings from their journey to build a data-centric culture in the organization, including:

  • Why data science is important for astronomical observatories operations, and not only for astronomical research (here’s a preview!),
  • Concrete ways they’re building a data-centric culture at ALMA and their plan for the future,
  • How Dataiku DSS helps with data evangelization within the ALMA staff?

Located on the Chajnantor Plateau, 5,000 meters altitude in northern Chile, the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) Observatory is recognized as “the most complex astronomical observatory ever built on Earth."

Join us live to learn from their data journey and share your experience with evangelizing data science within your organization!


I'm looking forward to community members @Ignacio_Toledo presentation.  




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